The Managed Software Center is an upgraded version of Managed Software Updates.  It is the primary resource that the Technology Department uses to distribute software and system updates to computers at Brehm, OPTIONS, Brehm School Foundation and BICCR. Information about Managed Software Updates can be found here. Managed Software Updates is still in use on nearly all Brehm, Inc computers.  Managed Software Center will be rolling out early this winter.

Managed Software Center

Managed Software Updates

 Why do some people already have the Managed Software Center?

Some of our computers are designated as “beta” systems.  These computers are part of a small  collection of machines that will get access to new software applications, or updates before the main body of computers.  The primary goal of this program is to provide a safety net for the IT Department.  Beta testers give us a live production environment to tryout new things, and sometimes, it goes wrong.  An application may not install properly, it may crash when it launches or even break major parts of the computer operating system.  The Technology staff tests all applications and tools to try and prevent that but sometimes things are missed or software conflicts with applications that we do not have on our testing machines in the Technology Office. If your computer has the Managed Software Center, it is likely part of this testing group.

So how does Managed Software Center work?

*** MSC is available from a Brehm-issued computer at any of our 4 Carbondale locations ***
Managed Software Center is found in your Application folder on an Apple computer.

  • Access via Finder  by clicking on Go (in the Top Menu) and selecting Applications
  • While in Finder you can also press Command+Shift+A
  • It can also be accessed via LaunchPad

The Managed Software Center application window is themed after the Apple App Store program and may look familiar.

Across the top of the application window are 4 icons (Software, Categories, My Items, and Updates).  Each of these navigate to a specific  content.

Managed Software Center Sections


This is a collection of all of the software that you can install on your computer.  Some programs may be for entertainment like Spotify or iTunes while others may be for classes like the iWork or iLife suites.

My Items

This section contains all of the software that you have access to as “Optional Installs” and that you have chosen to install on your computer.  This is also where you go to uninstall or remove software from your computer that you do not need.  The most common reason for doing this is to free up space on your system.


This is a section that breaks down all of the software that you have available based on categories set by the Technology Department. It is a new feature and one that will be used more as new applications are added and updated in Managed Software Center.

Please not that not all applications will be listed under a given category.  If you are looking for a specific installer or tool, please use the search feature at the top right of the Managed Software Center window.


This section will list out all of the updates that are waiting to be installed.  If you have items listed here you should install them.  Updates sent out but the Technology Department via Managed Software Center address a number of issues, including software bugs, security issues and new programs that may be needed for your classes or jobs.


The sidebar in Managed Software Center is a collection of links for you.  It includes links to the Technology Home Page (Welcome) as well as the Department (Support) page outlining the school’s Help Desk system.

Other links include information about OS X from Apple, Inc; a quick link to Google’s Search page and other useful tools.

The Mac Apps link on the sidebar takes you to the Apple Support page that covers all of their applications like: Quicktime, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc.

The Updates section also provides the most detailed feedback during Managed Software Center operation.  MSC will also pull all necessary and supported Apple Updates for your system.  

Looking for more help?

Email or talk with your building Technology Liaison