About Our Team

The faces behind the support

David St. Pierre, D.O.

Network Administrator

David joined the team in 2015. His primary responsibility is in maintaining and administering the network infrastructure, including network security. He also administers our VMware virtual machine environment. He previously did operations management for a regional Internet service provider, and has extensive experience in local and wide-area networking.


Timely Support

Technology, in any setting, is important to smooth operations, but even more in Education.  Providing the best possible support, as quickly as possible is always our number one priority.

Innovative Ideas

Under the direction of Joseph Viscomi, the Technology Department at Brehm has taken a unique course in the Education market.  At Brehm we try to focus on Open Source alternatives when appropriate so that we can direct our budget towards the things that benefit the students the most.

Advanced Technology

Brehm operates a One-to-One campus where every faculty member and student gets issued their own computer.  We also support comprehensive bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access at many of our sites so that staff and students can leverage our network for the jobs and education.

Clear Communication

Communication takes many forms in our Department.  The help desk system, and this site form the core, but we also have a dedicated group of beta testers and Technology Committee members that help get the word out about new projects, ideas and news about what is happening with technology at Brehm.  We could not function without them!

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you have an issue please contact our Help Desk or send an email to techsupport@brehm.org.

If you are on one of our campuses – use this button to contact us through the help desk!