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Information about the Technology Help Desk System

Access the Online Help Desk Now

The Department of Information Systems and Technology operates a help desk platform that allows staff and students to monitor the progress of the tickets they have started related to Technology issues.  The help desk platform is accessible from any Brehm issued computer while at Brehm or OPTIONS.

If you are not on campus or are contacting us from a personal device you will need to send an email to  Sending a support request to this address will automatically process the request into the help desk system.

What the help desk does for the Technology Staff

The help desk system is only one part of a larger management system that is operated using the same software.  The platform we use is called Spiceworks. The Spiceworks environment is two key parts.  The first is a local server that is able to scan all of the hardware on campus.  This scanning does not target specific user data but rather, scans our network hardware looking for problems, like printers that are out of toner, network hardware that is failing or computers with outdated software that needs updates.  It will even send us notifications when it identifies problems or potential problems on the school’s networks.  The second piece of Spiceworks is a large online community of IT professionals that stay active on the Spiceworks forum.  This is just one of many resources that we use when we need support or when we are reviewing new products / services.

Having tools like this allow the Technology Staff to focus on addressing your issues and working to improve campus systems.

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