FileWave and your Computer or Mobile Device

Q: What is FileWave and How Do I Get Software for my Computer? (Mac and Windows)

Founded in 1992, FileWave provides business, education and government institutions from around the world with enterprise level multi-platform device management.


FileWave is the go-to tool at Brehm for all of your Software Updates and Installations as well as other resources that may be needed to use your computer at Brehm Preparatory School, Inc.  In the summer of 2017, it replaced our current software deployment tool Managed Software Center (Munki). Although Managed Software Center will remain on all of our Apple Computers, FileWave expands the resources that are available to the Department of Information Systems and Technology at Brehm to manage any device that is owned by the school.

FileWave also has global access.  If you have an internet connection you should be able to access our school’s FileWave system for updates and installations.  This is critical as it allows the IST Department the ability to provide better support for Faculty and Staff that are traveling as well as students that are not on campus.

FileWave Kiosk

The FileWave Kiosk Tool is accessed via an icon in the upper-right menu on your Apple Computer. The FileWave Kiosk is used to install optional software on your computer.  It is also used to open the Client Info window to get more information about what FileWave is doing on your computer.

Installing Software

The Install Software Tool in the FileWave Kiosk is the place that you can go to for any available optional software that can be used on your computer. This can include printers or other specialized software that is not needed on everyone’s computers.

Client Info

The Client Info window displays the current information that FileWave knows about the computer. This includes the current database model and any active installations that are currently running.

A Closer Look at the FileWave Kiosk – Installing Software

The Kiosk is built into the FileWave Client. TheFileWave Client is still in charge of any actions performed by the Kiosk. This means that you can manage software installation at will, no Administrator account required!  If it is available in the Kiosk Window, you are free to install it and use it. You will only see applications and other resources that we know will work on your computer or that may be needed for your group or department.

All FileWave Kiosk items are broken down into categories (listed on the left).  Select “All” to look through all available items, or select the category that is appropriate for the software or tool that you are looking for.

FileWave Kiosk Interface

A Closer Look at the FileWave Kiosk – The Client Info Window

The Kiosk is built into the FileWave Client.  The Client Information Window is the part of the FileWave Kiosk that will tell you what actions FileWave is completing on your computer OR if there are updates that are needed.  Some information about your computer is also listed on the Client Information Window.  This includes:

  • The Computer’s Name
  • It’s current IP Address
  • What Operating System is running on the device
  • What Model Version is currently on the machine (more information below)
  • The Info Window will tell you if you are connected to a FileWave Server
  • It will tell you if software updates are needed, downloading or installing.

Each time the Technology Office adds a piece of software or make a change to how computers are managed at Brehm Preparatory School, Inc. we update the FileWave Server model number.  You can see that between May of 2017 and August 1, 2017, the Technology Staff made 474 changes to our FileWave Server.

FileWave Client Info Window

More information about FileWave and their products can be found here.