These are the peripherals that the Technology Department recommends as optional items for your laptop or desktop computer at Brehm.  All of these products are readily available in box stores and online. They are also compatible with Apple computers.  If you have any questions about hardware please contact

Desktop Speakers

(Optional) Some of our students like to have better speakers in their Dorm Rooms.  They are not required for classes and are strictly for recreational purposes.
Logitech X-140 2.0 Speaker System (or similar)
Mfg. Part: 970264-0403 | CDW Part: 1048753 | UNSPSC: 43211607
Pricing and Ordering


Portable Drives of some kind are strongly encouraged for every student.  The main use of the drive is for Apple’s Time Machine Backup system that helps protect students from accidental data loss from deletion or system crash.  Most students can backup homework with a USB flash drive.  Students with more data, like videos, multi-media, and music may want to purchase a full external hard drive.

USB Flash Drives
Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 – USB flash drive – 16 GB
Mfg. Part: DT101G2/16GBZ  |  CDW Part: 2178366  |  UNSPSC: 43202005
Pricing and Ordering

USB Portable Hard drive (USB 2.0 or 3.0)
Silicon Power Rugged Armor Drive – Various Sizes available from


USB Headset (Used for Dragon Dictate)
Logitech H390 ClearChat Comfort USB
Mfg. Part: 981-000014 | CDW Part: 1304366 | UNSPSC: 43191609
Pricing and Ordering


Power Adapter Protector
Python-Cord-Packaging-Quote2Some of our students have had issues with improperly wrapping their power adapter – resulting in damage. This is an optional item that can be purchased that has shown prospect in reducing the damage to the adapters for some students. It is not a required item but may be useful for your child.
Python Cord Protector
Ordering at



OPTIONS Transitions to Independence Recommendations:

For those of you looking at a Windows Based option we are recommending the Lenovo ThinkPad 430 line.  The ThinkPad line is a robust computer platform that is heavily used in schools across the country.

Lenovo ThinkPad CDW: ThinkPad Product Line

If you are looking for an Apple Computer any of the base models of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air would work. We encourage families to give preference to the MacBook Pro line.  The MacBook Pro line represent Apple’s most powerful laptop line and they will provide the best experience for students in multi-media classes.  They also tend to have a longer lifespan because of the more powerful internal hardware.

They can be purchased at the Apple Store: