All Dictation Preferences are controlled by the Dictation & Speech Preference Pane in System Preferences.  Dictation tools in OS X convert your spoken words into text in a variety of programs.  Brehm uses the Enhanced Dictation tools so that all conversion is managed locally on the computer and no data is sent to Apple for conversion or storage.

More details from Apple can be found on Support Article HT202584

Dictation Setup – Step 1:

Begin by accessing the Dictation & Speech PreferencePane in System Preferences.  We need to confirm that “Use Enhanced Dictation” is activated.  If “Use Enhanced Dictation” is checked we are all set.  If not, you will need to install that as well with Managed Software Center.

You can leave System Preferences open on the Dictation & Speech Pane for the now.

Dictation Setup – Step 2:

Next we need to install the necessary Dictation data on the computer with Managed Software Center.  Brehm supports a number of languages for Dictation.  All languages are listed in Managed Software Center under the category “Language Tools.”  Each language also notes the country or dialect for the given language pack.

Dictation Setup – Step 3:

Now that the files have been installed with Managed Software Center we need to activate them in the Dictation PreferencePane.


Dictation Setup – Step 3a:

Click the drop-down menu called “Languages.” and select “Add Language.”


Dictation Setup – Step 3b:

Click the checkbox next to the languages that you installed via Managed Software Center



Click “Ok” to save your language selections and exit System Preferences.  Your new language files have been installed and activated.