The following are examples of different logins and screens that you will on see while using a Brehm/OPTIONS computer system. Below each image is information about the login , The proper format for your username, and which password to use.



PLM - Untangle

Untangle is our firewall.  The firewall blocks harmful websites, helps thwart hackers, and allows us to be CIPA Compliant.

Username format: firstnamelastname (example: johndoe)
Password: Found in your Welcome Email




PLM - Blackbaud

Blackbaud is our student record keeping software. It connects the students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents.

Username format: firstname.lastname (example: john.doe)
Password: Instructions will be sent to your email from blackbaud to set your password.




PLM - Gmail

Gmail is our email service. This is the email login as seen on our desktops, laptops, and Chromeboxes.

Username format: for Brehm employees
Username format: for OPTIONS employees & students
Username format: for Brehm students
Password: Staff receive an email in their personal email account to set their password. Students are given their password at the beginning of the year.


Chrome Web Browser


PLM - Chrome Browser

The Chrome Web Browser is the prefered web browser. The Chrome sign in helps to keep all of your bookmarks, web apps, and browser setting synced across devices.

Username format: for Brehm employees
Username format: for OPTIONS employees & students
Username format: for Brehm students
Password: Same as your email password.


Chromebox / Chromebook Start Screen

PLM - Chromebook Start

Chromeboxes are located in each Dorm Office. They allow any staff member with a Brehm or OPTIONS email address log on. The start page shows users who have previously logged in. Clicking on a name will present you with a password prompt. To add a new account click the “+ Add person” button.

Username format: Select account name
Password: Same as email

Chromebox / Chromebook Login

PLM - Chromebook Login

After clicking the “+ Add Person” button you’re presented with this login.

Username format: Brehm/OPTIONS Email Address (example: or
Password: Same as email password

Chromebox / Chromebook Lock Screen

PLM - Chromebook Lock

When a Chromebox or Chromebook is locked it will display this screen. The user is the only one who can unlock their account. Anyone may sign out a user who has locked the screen by clicking the “Sign out” button located in the bottom left of the screen.

Username format: None User is logged in
Password: Same as Email Password.

Apple Computer Login

PLM - Mac Login

We primarily use Apple desktops and laptops. All of our systems require a user to login, or at minimum sign into a Guest account.

Username format: Accounts must be created by Technology Department
Password: The welcome email you receive after you’ve been hired contains your password

Apple Lock Screen

PLM - Mac Lock Screen

When a user has locked their screen you’ll see their name and the password prompt. Only the User or Technology can unlock the system from this screen.

Username format: Not Needed
Password: Same as password used to log into the system.