Phone System Orientation

The Brehm Preparatory School campus at 950 S. Brehm Lane transitioned to a voiceover IP (VoIP) phone system in 2012. This system is powered by a Switchvox Appliance PBX from Digium. At its core, that system is powered by Asterisk – An Open Source phone communications platform.

This new platform allows you to access your phone features in a number of ways.  You can still dial into your mail box in the traditional way, with the key pad on your desk phone.  However, you can also access your voicemail and phone system via a web interface.  Students at the campus do not even need to log into anything to access their mail (since they all do not have individual phones).  For students, voicemail messages just arrive in their email inbox.

This post is designed to introduce you to the basic features of the school’s PBX phone system and the Switchvox environment.

Accessing the Brehm Switchvox Dashboard – Is your computer portal to our phone system. It can be accessed by typing this web address into a web browser like Google Chrome. Please note that this website is only accessible while you are on site at 950 S. Brehm Lane from a school issued computer.


  • Access visual voicemail
  • Call Logs
  • Configure Voicemail Greetings
  • Password Protected

First Time Login

The first time you log in you should be prompted to change your default password.  The initial password will be issued to you by the HR Office or the Technology Department.  If you forget your password, please email and we will reset it for you.

username: Extension #

password: ISSUED

Your username for your mail box will be your issued extension number.

Your Dashboard

Once you log in you will be at your Switchvox dashboard.  This space will allow you to configure your voicemail greetings, as well as various mailbox settings for your notifications.


Setting Up Your Dashboard

Use this manual to learn how to configure your voicemail via the web dashboard: Phone System Orientation


Accessing Voicemail via a physical phone or dialing in from off campus.

To access your voicemail from on campus – if you have a phone at your desk – dial 899.  Dialing 899 will direct you to your individual voicemail box.  You will be prompted for your individual mail box password.

If you are away from your desk or off campus, you must dial 618-457-9199.  When you dial that number you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number (phone extension) as well as your mailbox password.