With OS X Mavericks, the Mac experience gets even better. It brings new apps to your desktop. Adds features you’ll love to use. And introduces technologies that help your Mac perform even better — while using even less power (apple.com)

OS X Mavericks (10.9) is the current release of Apple Operating System (OS) that comes shipped with ever new Apple computer.  It is the primary Apple OS used on all Brehm, Inc. laptops, desktops and server systems.  Over the last few releases Apple has been working to integrate the user experience across iOS and OS X.

In Mavericks you will see that there can be a lot of cross communication between iOS devices, like iPhones, iPods and iPads and your laptop computer (the Apple experience).  This integration began to manifest in OS X 10.7 but due to policy and technical restrictions on the school’s network, we could not support the tools.  That support is changing.

Many of the new integration services are being “opened-up” for staff use, so that they can begin to leverage the full Apple experience in their lives, jobs and classrooms.  Students will have access to some but not all of the integration resources.  As staff and students become more comfortable with the tools that may change as well.  Ultimately, there are still legal roadblocks to full implementation of the Apple experience across all school stakeholders.

New resources and services available to you:

  • Apple AirPlay – supported on all new systems – and select older systems
  • Apple AirDrop – supported on all new systems – and select older systems
  • iBooks and iBooks Author
  • OS X Notification Center
  • Time Machine – Access will be granted to users to manage and configure this on their own.

Users will be able to use the local backup volume or can choose to use an external hard-drive for a more robust backup solution.