Creating a black & white preset allows you to easily change from printing in color to printing in black & white. This preset will be usable repeatably and will be available in most applications on your computer.

Follow the steps below to create your Black & White printer preset:

Note: If you are using Google Chrome make sure to follow Step 1A. Everyone else will skip from Step 1 to Step 2.


Step 1

Go to the menu and select File and then Print.

1:10 File-Print


Step 1A

Chrome users select Print using system dialog…

Chrome_Print using system dialog

Step 2

Once the Print menu is open, select the Show Details button.

2:10 Print - No details



The Print menu should now look similar to the picture below.

3:10 Print Show details



Step 3

Open the Layout menu and select Color Matching.

4:10 Color Matching



Step 4

Now open the Profiles menu and choose Other Profiles.

5:10 Color Matching Profile Other



Step 5

Once the Other Profiles opens, select Black & White from the menu and click OK.

6:10 Color Matching B&W



Step 6

Select the drop-down menu Color Matching and choose Xerox Features.


Xerox Features


Step 7

Next select the menu which reads Paper/Output and choose Color Options.

Xerox Features_Color Options



Step 8

Choose the Black and White option.

Color Options_Black & White



Step 9

Open the Presets menu and select Save Current Settings as Preset…

7:10 Preset - Save Current



Step 10

Change the Present Name to reflect the printer you are using. Make sure Only this printer is selected.

9:10 Preset - Rename & Save



Step 11

You should now see your new printer preset selected in the Presets menu.

10:10 Preset - Saved


You are now ready to print in black & white.  In the future, when printing to this printer from your computer, select the preset you have created to print in black & white.