General Items in the Parent Interface

There are 4 other areas of note in the parent interface; Resources, News, Calendar, and Directories.  Resources, also called resource boards, are still under development.  It is a section in Blackbaud that allows Brehm to share general information and topics for families.  News, will display the latest activity for your student.  The main area this will address now is assignments.  The Calendar will show all of your child’s assignments, but it will also include information about other events that your child is part of.

The Student Academic Profile

The Student Academic Profile consists of 5 parts; Student Progress, Schedule, Assignments, Conduct, and Contact Card.  Each section collects information from all areas of the Brehm program.  Progress displays all of your child’s classes, dorm, team and activity information. Grades are also available on this page.  The overall grade is displayed on the green grade book.  Clicking on “View Details,” will bring up specific information about each assignment for the class. The Progress page also gives you direct access to message any of your child’s teachers, coaches, dorm parents, etc. The Schedule is a daily agenda for your child with

The Progress page also gives you direct access to message any of your child’s teachers, coaches, dorm parents, etc. The Schedule is a daily agenda for your child with specific class locations, the teacher or instructor and a link to that class’ Bulletin Board.  The Assignments section is similar to the classroom information, but it shows all active assignments, not just the ones for the selected class.  Conduct is only used internally and the information is not available to families in Blackbaud.  If there is an issue with your child, someone from Brehm will contact you directly.

Understanding the Grade Details:

  • CC – means the skills are taught across disciplines and/or multiple classes.
  • LOTS – means Lower Order Thinking Skills – these assignments build the foundational skills on which more advanced skills will be built. The term is appropriate since it takes lots of LOTS to prepare the student to engage in problem-solving skills.
  • HOTS – means Higher Order Thinking Skills – these require more abstract thinking such as analyzing, synthesizing, and critical thinking skills which depend on lots of LOTS.

The assignment type is based on core standards for that discipline or cross-disciplinary outcome.

The note section of the grade detail may report the performance level (PL) for each assignment. This is a measure that tells everyone how much support was required to achieve the grade given to the student.

  • PL 0 = The student refused to do the work or receive help.
  • PL 1 = The student was resistant to help or strategies to promote a successful outcome.
  • PL 3 = The student required one-on- one support, guidance, or modeling to complete the given task.
  • PL 4 = The student required prompts, coaching, or cues to complete the given task.
  • PL 5 = The student required no assistance to complete the given task.  It was done independently within the given structure of the program.
  • PL 6 = The student was self-directed in the completion of the given task and did not require the existing structure to complete the given task.

The Blackbaud Parent Classroom View

The main classroom view consists of 3 elements; the Bulletin Board, Topics, and Assignments.  Each section (shown below) mirrors the same content that a student will see as a member of that class.  Bulletin Boards are designed and maintained by the individual teachers in the class.  Bulletin Boards are also used by some clubs, teams, and activities at Brehm.  Topics provide insight into the school curriculum.  Assignments will display active, past and future assignments for your child in the selected class.