Macintosh Users

All data related to school work should be stored in the Documents folder inside of your Home folder. The data stored in your Documents folder is also synchronized to the main campus servers. Data that is stored in folders, other than your Documents folder, is the responsibility of the user. The Technology Department strongly recommends that all users, staff and student, have external drives to store their music, pictures and any other personal data to.

Windows XP Users

Data stored in your My Documents folder is synchronized to our servers.

*** Note for All Users ***

If your computer is take off campus or enters a sleep state for long periods of time (like over night while you are sleeping) it will disconnect network connections. When this happens you must restart your computer while connect to the network at Brehm. Staff and students should shut down their computers fully each night or restart them when they come to their first class / advisement. This will help to avoid connection and synchronization problems associated with server access. As always, if you notice something odd happening with your computer, restart it before calling the Technology office ( ext 1508 ). When loggin into your macintosh computer make sure that your have a Name and Password field and that that light for network accounts is green.