This year we are implementing a media server at Brehm that will host both the PACT share as well as a new Campus Media Share.  This document will cover the basic operation and use for these two systems.

The Brehm Media Share:

The Brehm Media Share called Campus_Media can be accessed via Apple Computers on campus.  To access the drive click Go -> Connect To Server.  In the window, type in the following server address:



You will be prompted for your username and password.  You access this drive and the PACT share with your computer login information.  To connect to the Campus Media Share select Campus_Media and click OK.

The Campus Media Share is meat to be a storage location for media produced by Brehm staff that the students may need access to.  This is not meant for academic files, those should be kept in their respective places; rather, this share is intended to be use for photos, and videos of activities at Brehm.

Data can be added by any staff member at Brehm and can be viewed (not edited) by all students.

IMPORTANT: photos, videos, and music stored on the Staff Public Drive will be automatically deleted from that share.

The 2011 – 2012 PACT Drive

The new PACT drive will also be stored on media.brehm.cdl.  Connect to the server, the same way as with the Media Share, but select PACT in the final step.

The PACT drive is organized a bit different this year.  This new setup leverages the power of the Apple server and takes advantage of the users that we have created for computer access.

There are 4 main volumes to the PACT drive and they function in the manner listed below.

  • PACT_[Current Year]

This is the current working volume for the 2011 school year.  It is where students will save their files and where all non-yearbook work should be done.

The PACT_[Current Year] folder has 2 secondary folders: Classroom_Folders and Working_Volume.  The classroom folder contains folders for each class period in the day.

Each year the individual students should create their personal class folder inside their class period.  This will ensure that the only person, besides the PACT Teacher, that can edit or delete their data is the student.  Other students will be able to see their peer’s work, but not modify the files in any way.

The Working_Volume is a class collaborative space, all students can view and modify all of the data inside this folder.  Organization of the students personal class folders and of the working volume will be the responsibility of the students and the PACT Class.

  • PACT_Archive

This folder is an archive of previous years’ PACT folders and is readable by all students.  The number of years, contained in this folder will be determined by available storage space on the servers.

It will represent approximately 2 FULL YEARS of PACT Data as well as archived portfolios of older data.

Portfolio data should be collections of data from past years that represents final products of student and PACT Class work.  Limiting the size of past PACT folders down to a selected portfolio will allow us (Brehm) to retain a larger collection in the allotted storage space on our servers.

  • PACT_Assignments

The Assignments folder will be a location where the PACT Teacher can store homework files and templates that the students will need to complete assignments and work for PACT.  This drive can be viewed by all students but they cannot save files to it or modify the data in any way.

  • Yearbook

This folder is for the yearbook.

At regular intervals, all data on media.brehm.cdl will be backed-up to a secondary redundant storage system.  This will ensure a recovery method if data is accidentally lost, corrupted or deleted by users.  This is meant only as a safety measure.

This data will be stored for the period of one week at which time the data is replaced by the next backup.

Staff & Students are encouraged to maintain proper workflows to ensure that their data is organized and safe from accidental deletions.