There are a number of network shares used at Brehm Preparatory School.  They are hosted by a number of different servers.

The Media Server is used to consolidate all multimedia content at the High School.  Details on how the Media Server Works

The main campus File Server hosts out the majority of the other resources to the staff and students at Brehm.

Finder is the application on your Mac that will allow you to access these resources.

  1. From the Finder menu at the top of the computer screen – Click
    1. Go
    2. Connect to Server
  2. Type in the address of the server you would like to connect to.
  3. Click Connect
  4. If necessary – you will be prompted for your Username and Password
  5. If there is only one share on the server it will connect automatically.  If there are multiple shares you will need to select the ones that you would like to connect to your computer.

These are the server addresses necessary to connect to the various network resources that staff have access to at the 900 S. Brehm Lane campus.


  • Campus Media Files (Student Accessible)
  • PACT Server (Student Accessible)


  • Department Shares & Office Drive
  • Staff Public Drive
  • Student Public (Student Accessible)
  • Faculty Shares (Student Accessible)
  • Scanning Repository (Available in Fall 2014

smb://optionsodm.options.private (OPTIONS Campus only)

  • OPTShare

An illustrated PDF verison of these instructions can be found here: Accessing Share Network Resources at Brehm